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About Me

I’m one of the two owners of Thrive Web Designs, a Boise based web design firm that focuses on custom WordPress and Laravel sites. I’ve been programming professionally since 2000 but am mainly a project manager at Thrive, working with a talented in-house crew of web developers.
I love working with the different technologies though, User Experience (UX), design, and building anything in general so whenever I can, you’ll catch me writing some code, designing a quick page, doing some video post production, or optimizing a website for better search engine results.
In college, I actually started out with a fine art degree focusing on drawing and sculpture but I switch my major to programming and have 4 degrees from 3 universities.A serial entrepreneur, I’ve started quite a few side businesses just for fun but one of the most enjoyable ones was selling Bitcoin socks on Amazon with my 2 daughters.
I blessed to live in Boise, Idaho with my lovely wife and amazing kids.
If you’re looking for help with your website and want a seasoned web slinger to build you a new website or fix an existing one, please reach out!
Web Design, Programming, and Business

Meet Aaron Day

Professionally building websites since 2002, I've worked at Microsoft, multiple agencies, and a few web design businesses of my own. I've been an owner of Thrive Web Designs since 2015. I've taught classes, run design groups and even ran a benefit auction for 4 years in my free time. I love sharing and giving back to the web/creative community.