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9 Best CRM solutions for 2020

Man drawing out CRM with illustrations.

This is a repost of the article I wrote on our Thrive Web Designs blog earlier this week. What is CRM software? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s software, usually an online service, that allows you to manage your customer contacts so you can easily categorize them, email them, and market to them. It’s a great way to mass-communicate with your customers, promote your...

Invest in Quality Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography is provided by Thrive Product Studio, a company specializing in helping e-sellers sell more product with top-notch product photos. Quality product images are vital to online sales. In fact, without good photography, you’re lessening your chances of selling more products. Whether you’re selling online on Amazon, eBay or your own E-commerce store, nothing will boost your...

ComiCon & Unnatural Talent

Last month I went to the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle. The event was absolutely amazing, with entire cities built in Legos, a full sized Tardis, art galleries, booths filled with beautiful comic art and other wares, and of course lots and lots of fans in superhero, Star Wars, and anime costumes. I also saw about a dozen incarnations of Dr. Who, the David Tennant version. The highlight of my...

Web Design, Programming, and Business

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Professionally building websites since 2002, I've worked at Microsoft, multiple agencies, and a few web design businesses of my own. I've been an owner of Thrive Web Designs since 2015. I've taught classes, run design groups and even ran a benefit auction for 4 years in my free time. I love sharing and giving back to the web/creative community. Read more...

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