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WordPress Visual/Text Editor Formatting

If you work with WordPress you probably have a good idea what I’m going to write about today just from the title: formatting issues when switching between the visual and text editor. For those whom may not be familiar let me give you a quick scenario to describe what I’m writing about: You’re a developer/designer working in WordPress. Beyond chiseling out the shape of your...

Lazy Loading Images

Imagine this scenario: You’re looking to shop online for a brand new whatchamacallit. You Google it up, get a list of links, and select one of the first that appears relevant. Then you wait as the page chokes and crawls along in a frozen state while the images are being loaded. Within five seconds you jump back to Google and select a different link. It works great. The page loads almost...

Flat Design

Do you remember when Microsoft first released their style guides for their mobile and Windows 8 platforms? Personally, I recall reading much internet outrage about the “flat blandness” of the design, and innumerable disparaging remarks regarding the color choices. My how have we come a long way in such a short time. Apple products have tended to rake in the accolades for design aesthetics and can...

Web Design, Programming, and Business

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Professionally building websites since 2002, I've worked at Microsoft, multiple agencies, and a few web design businesses of my own. I've been an owner of Thrive Web Designs since 2015. I've taught classes, run design groups and even ran a benefit auction for 4 years in my free time. I love sharing and giving back to the web/creative community.